Frequently Asked Questions

What is MP3puzzled?

Put simply, is a price comparison website for legal downloadable MP3 tracks and albums. As more and more online retailers start to offer legal MP3 downloads, consumers can become lost in a sea of websites and prices. MP3puzzled offers a simple and easy-to-use serach interface so you can check which retailer offers your favourite MP3 track or album at the lowest price.

Can MP3puzzled really save me money?

Yes. For example, in July 2009, the Black Eyed Peas' track Boom Boom Pow was offered for sale at all of the online legal MP3 retailers, but the price varied from 29p (Amazon MP3) to £1.19 (7Digital)! Simply by searching for this track on MP3puzzled, you will have saved yourself 90p! Might not sound like much by itself, but if you bought 10 tracks at this price you would save £9.00 (£2.90 compared to £11.90)! Similarly, Kasabian's album 'Empire' was offered for sale from £3.98 (Amazon MP3) to £7.99 (7Digital)! Simply by searching for this album on MP3puzzled, you will have saved yourself £4.01!

Does using MP3puzzled cost me money?

Of course not! Our search engine is completely free for you to use. You only need brandish your wallet once you come to buying a track or album on a retailers site.

How does MP3puzzled work?

Our search engine does the leg work for you, visiting all the legal MP3 download retailers and reporting back with the prices so you can check that you aren't being ripped off.

How do I buy an MP3 track/album?

Once you have searched for the track or album here on MP3puzzled, simply click the 'Buy' button next to the (cheapest) retailer you want to buy from. You will be re-directed straight to the track or album on the retailers website where you can purchase/checkout as you normally would with them.

Can I buy my MP3 track/album from MP3puzzled?

Not directly no. We are not a retailer of MP3 downloads, we simply offer a service whereby you can ensure you are buying your favourite track or album at the cheapest available price. To buy a track/album, click on the 'Buy' button next to the (cheapest) retailer you want to buy from.

I'm struggling to find the track or album I'm looking for. Help!?

While our search is capable of searching across the entire catalogue of each retailer, following a few simple guildlines will help ensure that you find the right track or album that you are looking for. We reccommend performing a search using the full artist name and track or album title, for example 'Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow' or 'Michael Jackson King of Pop' will ensure better results than just 'Boom Pow' or 'Pop King'. If the track is performed by a number of artists, e.g. 'featuring...', try searching with just the main artist's name and the track or album title.

Why use MP3puzzled when I can download tracks and albums for free from file-sharing networks?

Because downloading copyrighted material from file-sharing (or peer-to-peer) networks is illegal. MP3puzzled compares prices from the legal MP3 retailers so you can enjoy your music at the cheapest possible price without the risk of being prosecuted by the music industry or receiving warnings (or worse) from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

I love my Apple iPod/iPhone, but I can only download tracks/albums from iTunes right?

Wrong! The type of device you use to listen to your music makes no difference to where you can download your music from. Infact, if you use an iPod, Apple's iTunes software makes it really easy to add tracks to your music library ready for syncing to your device - it will even add the track under the correct Artist/Album automatically! For more information please read the retailers information page.

I have some other kind of generic MP3 player, can I still use iTunes to download my music?

Yes! Once the track/album has been purchased from iTunes it will appear in your iTunes library, from here you can 'make MP3 copy' to add to your non-Apple MP3 player. (Some may be confused by this due to Apple's previous tie-in with DRM (Digital Rights Management) which prevented such activities, but they have since changed their policy and most, if not all, tracks on the iTunes store are now DRM-free). For more information please read the retailers information page.

May I suggest a new MP3 Retailer to add to your site?

Yes of course you can. But remember, we will only feature retailers who sell downloadable MP3s legally. Please do not send us requests to add illegal websites or file sharing networks, they will be ignored. If you know of a genuine legal MP3 downloads retailer that you would like to see added to our site then please contact us and we will investigate. Don't forget to ensure that you enter your email address correctly otherwise we will be unable to respond to your request. Thank you.

I have a question not answered here. Can you help?

We will try. Please contact us and we will get back to you. Don't forget to ensure that you enter your email address correctly otherwise our answer won't reach you. Thank you.