Amazon MP3

Amazon The downloadable MP3 store of one of the internet's largest retailers, Amazon MP3 offers DRM-free (Digital Rights Management) tracks and albums. Amazon also offer a convenient downloadable tool for free which integrates with iTunes on your PC or Mac, automatically adding your downloaded music into your iTunes library.

Amazon MP3 have regular promotions, often reducing chart albums to as low as £2.99 and chart tracks to as low as 29p!


iTunes The largest and most established MP3 retailer, iTunes offers the largest catalogue of tracks from the major and minor record labels. The majority of tracks on iTunes are downloadable without DRM (Digital Rights Management) allowing you to play them on any device.

Tracks/Albums are purchased from the iTunes store via the iTunes desktop application, which is available to download for both PC and Mac for free from the Apple website. Tracks are downloaded as m4a files and managed in the iTunes library, but once downloaded, can be converted to MP3 format for use on any MP3 player. offer MP3 tracks and albums encoded at either 192Kbps or 320Kbps. All tracks are free from DRM (Digital Rights Management) so can be played on any device. use the standard browser-based download method so you do not need to install any additional download managers or tools. Downloads can be made on both PC and Mac. offer a handy method of re-downloading any tracks that you may have lost or accidentally deleted from your computer. Simply log into your account, navigate to your downloads history and re-download the desired track(s). See the Help section of for more details.

Tesco Entertainment

Tesco Entertainment Tesco Entertainment (previously Tesco Digital) offer MP3 tracks and albums free of DRM (Digital Rights Management). With tracks from 29p and albums from around £4, Tesco Entertainment can often be the cheapest retailer to buy from. When purchasing from Tesco Entertainment a download manager is installed on your PC first to manage your music downloads.

Tesco Entertainment offer eGift Vouchers that you can give as a gift if you're not sure exactly what music that special someone might like. Tesco Entertainment also offer an 'eWallet' functionality whereby you can deposit some funds into your account and buy your tracks or albums from that balance. Oh, and ClubCard points on all purchases too! We7 allows you to listen to, share and discover music for FREE, legally and safely. They also sell MP3s free of DRM (Digital Rights Management) which we price compare here on We7 also feature a wide range of tracks from unsigned and unknown artists for streaming or downloading, sometimes for free

Listen to full tracks and albums on We7 and buy the tracks you want to take with you to listen to on any MP3 player. Purchasing music on We7 is deducted from your We7 account balance which you can top up with any amount above £5.


7Digital 7Digital offer a wide range of tracks and albums from the major and minor record labels. Files vary in encoding quality and format. Most are available without DRM (Digital Rights Management) as 320Kbps MP3 files, with a few (typically older) tracks available as DRM-protected Windows Media Files (which are unfortunately not Mac friendly).

7Digital offer an optional download manager for PC, while downloads to Macs are performed through the standard browser-based download method.