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MP3puzzled provides a user-friendly search mechanism in order to find the cheapest MP3 track and album prices. MP3puzzled is in no way associated with any of the artists, bands, or record labels.

Top 50 Tracks and Albums Charts

MP3puzzled provides users with the current top 50 Tracks and Albums based on sales performance. These charts are provided as an indication only. While MP3puzzled aims to update these charts several times a day, occasionaly there may be a delay in updating this information. Please check the date of the charts provided at the top of each charts page. These charts are not an indication of the Official UK Singles/Albums chart and are provided for guidance only.

Retailer Information Pages

MP3puzzled provides information about each MP3 retailer in order to improve the users knowledge of the MP3 download market. Information is provided as a guide only, and while every effort is made to keep these pages updated, sometimes errors or omissions can occur. Users are advised to check any important information with the retailer(s) concerned before purchasing.

Search Results

MP3puzzled attempts to provide the user with the cheapest price for their chosen track or album from each available retailer. Preview audio clip is provided for guidance only, when available. Users should ensure that they select the correct version of their desired track when purchasing from one of the retailers.

Recent Searches and Search Statistics

MP3puzzled captures data when a search is performed in order to compile a recent searches list and statistics gathering. The data collected contains no personal information relating to the users, and is only collected to enhance the user experience on MP3puzzled. While statistics are gathered and compiled from real searches, MP3puzzled can not guarantee or confirm the overall average track/album price of any retailer. Statistics are offered as a guide only.

MP3puzzled and Illegal File Sharing

MP3puzzled does not endorse or support illegal file sharing. In fact quite the opposite! MP3puzzled was set up in order to try to bring the public to compromise with purchasing music legally. MP3puzzled encourages all of its users to only download music from legal reputable retailers such as those featured on our site. We only feature legal and reputable MP3 retailers on our site and will remove any that are found to be selling music illegally.


MP3puzzled are not responsible for the content of adverts displayed on our site. Any ads are served by a third party and as such MP3puzzled cannot guarantee the appropriateness of the advert content. MP3puzzled is not responsible for the content of external sites.


MP3puzzled claims copyright on our own page content and search mechanisms. We have never and will never claim copyright on track, album or artist information, including album artwork. MP3puzzled recognises all copyright and trademarks associated with tracks, albums, artists, artwork and the retailers. All works are copyright of their respective owners.

Last Updated 14/01/2011